The New iPad Heat Controversy Is Much Ado About Nothing

The new iPad heat controversy really is much ado about nothing as far as I’m concerned. My new 3rd generation iPad is still a lot cooler than some of my current and former Apple notebook computers.  I think this is an important comparison.

A comparison that is detailed in an article at Forbes which you should consider reading before beating on Apple, Inc.

Now I’m wondering about how hot my mid-2011 MacBook Air gets? I know it feels as though the temperature is not as high as it was while using my former 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pros. Just ask my thighs.

An Unusual Apple Customer Service Fumble With iPhone 4S Return For Exchanges

iPad 2 Launch Apple Store Friendswood, TX. (Credit: David W. Martin)

Here’s a story I feel is worth telling about Apple customer service. Generally Apple’s customer service is the best, but every so often a customer service issue comes up and Apple falls flat on its face. This story is about one of those times and how my complaint may have gotten Apple to make changes in their iPhone retail return policies that will benefit future Apple customers that find themselves in my situation.

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Hello World…

As corny as it seems yes this is my Hello World. I’ve finally decided after years of writing recently for the likes of Mac|Life, CNET, Cult of Mac, Byte and A New Domain it is time for me to have my own site.

The site will be growing and evolving over the next few months. Please pardon my dust as I explore the site design and provide you with some hopefully good content about my favorite topic: Apple, Inc, general computing, and other things that come to mind.

I’ll also use this site to announce products and other projects that I’ll be working on in 2012 and beyond.

Warmest Regards,

David W. Martin