Safari 6.0 Tweak – Turn Off Save Password Prompts

Safari 6.0 comes with the rudimentary support for password management and if you are already using another third-party solution you might just want to turn these prompts off. Turning them off is simple and easy all you need to do is follow these steps.

If Safari isn’t open already go ahead and launch it. The next thing you will want to do is to open Preferences for Safari from the Safari Menu or by pressing CMD+, (comma).

Now locate the tab for AutoFill and click on it. Next remove the checkmark from User names and passwords.

You can now close the Safari Preferences window and Safari will no longer prompt you for password saves on the sites you visit.

I’m providing this tip because it seemed ironic that these settings weren’t a part of the Passwords tab above. It seems more logical to include something like this there. However, Apple doesn’t think so. Therefore,  since the Passwords tab is probably the first place you’ll look to turn this off I thought I should point it out to all of you.




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